Monday, 9 April 2012

Story about ....

Story about me actually about him f

This is the story of two lovers it’s a strange love. The cute girl didn’t know who she loves?? He was a stranger and she trusted him. She said to herself that he’s a nice and a perfect guy!! For him and the boy think’s the same about the girl. He thinks the girl will be innocent and cute. So let’s see the love of these two couples, will there love be successful?? Will they get their real love … OR … will a storm come and destroy their lives. 

X Girl’s feeling for her stranger boy and love:
I remember the first time we met. We were stranger’s.  You called on my mobile not me actually you called your friend oh!! I mean your girlfriend her mobile number and my mobile number was almost same you were confused of her hand writing so it was my lucky destiny that by mistake you called me. When u knew it’s not your girlfriend but someone else you was sad and that was the time I felt for you. I was nervous, was smiling was happy and jumping like a kid, my heart felt something for him.
X Boy’s feeling for his stranger girl and love:
I was so upset on that day my girlfriend was not receiving my call I was a lucky day for me that I listened her voice. Her voice was cute and sweet like honey I had a lot of tension and sadness but as I listened to her voice ever thing was gone. She was like a drug to me. It was like I forgot I am living in this world, I forgot am upset, I forgot  what’s happening around me, I wish I could see her and thanks her  for making me free from my tensions. For a minute I forgot that she is a stranger I felt like I am with her from centuries. w

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